Caid Hammou El Glaoui, one of the builders of the kasbah Telouet, fief of this family, was a great nature lover.

In his spare time , he was going off to discover the surrounding fauna and flora what led him to a passion for the products of the Earth.
Olive oil, nuts and honey had no secrets for him anymore.

He spent long hours observing the ceaseless ballet of bees in the sky of the Atlas.

By 1920 , he decided to install an apiary near the Kasbah in order to follow and observe the thorough work of bees which would supply him with their precious nectar all year round.

When he died in 1934, his uncle Hadj Thami El Glaoui, Pasha of Marrakech,who took over from him and took the lead of the kasbah Telouet, decided to modernize these apiaries for greater production to the benefit of its prestigious guests and all his circle of acquaintances.

Today, in order to perpetuate the tradition, one of his grandsons and wife decided to take up the torch reviving …

Apiaries of the Pasha.